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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who is the goateed man in the 'talk show' Gallery Furniture TV ads?

Just who is the man with the goatee in 'the late night talk show' Gallery Furniture television commercials? You know the one, where Mattress Mack (aka Jim McIngvale) is doing his impression of a Leno, Conan or Letterman type?

Someone at work told me they thought it was former Rock 101 KLOL DJ Grego. Sounded possible to me. Grego denies it though.

So I went to the source. The company behind Mattress Mack's ad campaigns.

"He is actually Garner McCulloch, our Associate Creative Director here at Love (Advertising)," the company's Vice President of Public Relations Jessica Manning told the blog. "We wanted to have a little fun and do something different than the typical Gallery Spot and we just ran with it. After it started running, we had so many comments from customers about it, we decided to do two more versions which are running now."

For those of you not in Houston, Mattress Mack is an icon around here. He's been advertising for so long around here that when his furniture warehouse caught fire a few years ago, it was major news. If anyone could do a late night talk show around here, it might be Mack.

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