Wednesday, December 01, 2010

KTRK 13 reporter Gene Apodaca calls it quits

The news hit the Houston TV community last week right before Thanksgiving. KTRK 13 reporter Gene Apodaca reportedly quit the ABC station.

I contacted Apodaca the day it happened but he said he wasn't allowed to give a comment to the blog.

Tuesday of this week, I'm told his photo and bio were taken down from the Channel 13 website.

According to KTRK, Apodaca came to work for the Houston station in October 2004. Prior to KTRK, Apodaca worked as a reporter in Miami. Before that he did stints at WPTV in West Palm Beach, KIII in Corpus Christi and KOSA in Midland/Odessa. He's one of those guys who is not from Texas, but apparently got here as soon as he could.

Keep checking back on this blog to see what Apodaca is up to next.

(Photo courtesy of UTDB)


  1. He was always one of my favorite reporters-- ABC 13 has the best reporters in the whole city! Lets hope they dont lose any more.

  2. He is rude and extremely arrogant in person. He acts as if he's better than people and is very condescending. I've met several people in the Houston media, and he, by far, is the worst. He is no Frank Billingsley. That guy is great in person, just like he is on tv. Apodaca leaving Houston is a positive thing.

    1. He must have turn you down.

  3. You are right...he is not Frank Billingsley. I have met and talked with Gene several times. He was nothing but nice and friendly to people. You must be one of Frank's puppets. Frank is so one of the rudest and arrogant person. He is not very much like in "OUR" community.

  4. Arrogant and condencending, good riddance to a jerk

  5. Houston sure does miss him.


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