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Monday, November 01, 2010

KTVT CBS 11 new anchor Pineiro debuts, Astros/Rockets to launch TV network, WFAA on DISH and more

KTVT CBS 11 hopes to light up early morning ratings with newcomer Lisa Pineiro
Eye-catching in a form-fitting bright orange top, Lisa Pineiro made her entrance Thursday on CBS11's ratings-challenged early morning newscast.
- KTVT hires Lisa Pineiro
- Lisa Pineiro bio

Astros, Rockets finalize deal to launch TV network
Comcast SportsNet Houston to show games starting in fall of 2012.

DISH Network agrees to continue carrying WFAA
Mike Devlin, President and General Manager of WFAA, says "I am happy to report we have reached a tentative agreement with DISH Network that keeps WFAA programming on their system for years to come. "Tentative" means we have to hammer out a few details, but I am confident those things can be worked out in short order."

TV plans a landslide of Election Day coverage
Tuesday night, we finally see an end to the ads and get answers to who'll be our next leaders. A rundown on where to click for results, commentary and plenty of technological wizardry, such as magic walls and virtual-reality capabilities.
- The Rick Perry vs Bill White debate is here...sort of

Belo Revenue Grows 17%
Belo Corp. reported third quarter revenue of $163.9 million, a 17% increase over the same quarter a year ago.

LCD and plasma TVs fail much sooner as manufacturers cut costs
Manufacturers say lower prices on TVs come from breakthroughs in research and development.

CNN anchors expecting twins
CNN’s Kyra Phillips and John Roberts have told People magazine that they are expecting twins.

Hometown TV when you are travelling
Guests at leading hotels around the country may soon be able to tune in to their hometown TV news as they unpack their bags.

Poll: 55% of Americans say traditional media out in 10 years
The poll on American media finds traditional media is in trouble:

Now there are four plans to reorganize Tribune Company
Friday’s deadline for dissident creditors to file their own Chapter 11 reorganization plan for Tribune Company did not pass without action.

- KXAS 5's Newy Scruggs smells someone smoking pot during live shot
- Seabrook, TX history in photos compiled for new book
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