Wednesday, October 13, 2010

KPRC 2 hires Jennifer Bauer as new reporter

According to the David Crane Agency, KPRC 2 is bringing a new reporter to Houston.

The TV agency reports Jennifer Bauer is coming in from Jacksonville, Florida. Bauer will be staying in the Post Newsweek family since she already works for KPRC's parent company at station WJXT 4.

According to her WJXT bio, Jennifer has a journalism degree from Michigan State University. Her career began at WJXT's sister station in Detroit.

It goes on to say Jennifer enjoys running, going to the beach and playing golf. She also likes spending time with her calico cat, Emmy. What a perfect name for someone in TV to name their cat.

Wikipedia says KPRC 2 morning anchor Lauren Freeman also worked at WJXT before coming to Houston.

Also in the DCA world, Jackie Smith gets her first on air TV job at KMID in Midland, Texas.

(Thanks Taylor)


  1. The most annoying reporter in America...hands down.

  2. Thanks Hubby!

  3. annoying aint the word. Thank goodness she left jax

  4. Was the report tonight about the injured firefighters or how long Jen could stay on camera? Painful to watch.

  5. I counted and she blinked 1,213 times in her 6 o'clock story today. Quite a feat. It's amazing that someone thinks it's a good idea to put her in front of a camera.

  6. By far the worst reporter I have seen on a television network. Her use of stupid props, and over dramatic reporting is annoying to say the least. Bring back Wendy Corona!!!!!

  7. Very annoying. Married to someone on staff?.

  8. She is, in fact, married to someone on the staff. Blinky Bauer, her props and her hyperactive act on camera...perfect fit for KRAP Not-Really-Local2.

  9. Downright scary!

  10. Lay off her , we like her!! My four year old daughter likes watching her too!!

    1. One of the sexiest reporters ever. I met her at southside home depot, very friendly, hot.


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