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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Where is 1560 KGOW The Game's David Nuno going?

Last night I blogged how former Jim Rome producer Travis Rodgers is replacing Ken Hoffman on 1560 The Game. So where does that leave Hoffman's co-host David Nuno? Readers are sure wondering.

I talked to Nuno and he says he's not going anywhere. He is still the sports director of the station and very much a 1560 The Game guy. In fact, Nuno is going to start working more on Sporting News Radio, the recently KGOW acquired national sports network. You'll be able to experience him in an anchor/reporter type role.

You'll already have a chance to hear Nuno and Raheel Ramzanali this Thursday night (7 to 9pm) doing a special live remote show on The Game too. These two already make TV appearances together you might remember.

Nuno adds he will definitely miss Hoffman. They spent some good years together.

"I think Hoffman has a brilliant radio mind and is one of the best interviewers in Houston," Nuno told the blog.

No doubt Hoffman will be back on the radio somewhere. He's been on it since he worked with John Lander and the Q Morning Zoo at the Top 40 version of 93Q KKBQ.

Ken Hoffman of the Houston Chronicle talks to Mike McGuff


  1. I know I was one of those who asked. Thanks for the update.

  2. its a disgrace that houston has 4 sports stations and sometimes five different sports shows on at one time.

  3. Wait bro one second.

    Well if the Houston Sports stations would do their job in being diverse and having more minorities on the air, Houston wouldn't need 5 sports shows on the air waves at once!


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