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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ken Hoffman replaced by former Jim Rome producer on 1560 The Game

David Barron is reporting that the Houston Chronicle's Ken Hoffman is being replaced on 1560 The Game. The replacement has a good resume in radio. Travis Rodgers was the former, longtime producer of The Jim Rome Show.

And in classic Hoffman form, his quote in the newspaper is as follows:

I joined (KGOW) with the intention of staying one year — just to sock away some money in my kid's college fund. I wound up staying three years," he said. "I resisted my urges to buy ice cream and salted peanuts, and now my kid will have enough money to mess up in a really good college. ... So now I leave 1560 with, and I'm serious, love for those people. I can return to my true passion in life - scrapbooking."

When I interviewed Hoffman in July 2007 for this blog about his new radio gig at KGOW, he told me this about how he used the extra radio money:

"So I've always had a little bit of a part-time job on the radio just so I could get money for soda and candy. You know, wax lips and candy cigarettes, stuff like that."

I am now going to solicit advertisers and try to get a show somewhere else on the dial with Hoffman. Our show's main topic - attractive female TV news anchors. If you would like to sponsor this, give me a ring.

Rodgers is moving to Houston and will start his new show from 1 to 3pm on Tuesday.

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