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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

39 KIAH Newsfix - what's the latest?

Allegedly there is a conspiracy theory that I have been hired at KIAH 39 so the company can leak information to me about Newsfix for my blog. If this is true, then I need to find the leak and get this person talking. And why couldn't someone from Tribune just email me stuff? Oh well, it looks like I was actually hired to work as a reporter.

That being said, lots of readers email me asking what the heck is going on with Newsfix. I can give you an update, but its from stuff I found online or has been sent to me by people who do not work for 39 or Tribune corporate.

Newsfix has a web page introducing the 15 things the concept is about.  As noted, someone emailed this to me from outside of the station and I don't even know where to find it on the website.

On the hiring front, Newsfix is looking for a Newsfix voice over person:

The New Tribune Company needs a biting and earthy voice to narrate a modern Newsreel style presentation. Think modern day Walter Winchell. Character is far more important than a big "radio voice." We need POV, attitude and a complete lack of traditional radio in your face hype. More akin to documentary with attitude...and non elitist mass appeal intellect. This experiment in modern Television will happen in Houston and is unlike anything on any media.
Skillful writing and a sense of understanding the pulse of America is good.

In addition to the voice, the station needs a sound designer (I've never heard of local TV having a position like this):

KIAH IN HOUSTON will be launching a sound intensive News concept that’ll focus on wide screen sound. Think Soundtrack. It’ll be a combination of recorded music from AC/DC to Zamfir, natural sound, original sound, effects and literally ANY sounds we can gather to better tell our stories.
It would be good if you:
*Have multi genre scope and maybe even encyclopedic of music styles, artist and songs
*Are well versed in today’s sound technologies
*Understand theater of the mind
*Have a knack for matching stunning sound with stunning images and video
*Have no experience in TV. OK—not a deal breaker, but we need someone who thinks more movie or even old time radio than TV.
*Think in stereo
Some musicianship is good but not necessary.

And I leave you with an image of former KIAH news director KyAnn Lewis on the turntables.


  1. I could be hired as the voice over guy. I just need a way to do it from the comfort of my own home while in my PJs.

  2. I still don't see this deal materializing to anything that will be revolutionary or "cool." Would you rather a low-rating newscast with humans or a low-rating newscast replaced with essentially a bunch of video essays? Poor sports teams still have great players (to use as an analogy). Whatever Tribune is high off of or drunk off of isn't going to save CW39 News (or any other fledgling newscast).

    The concept is revolutionary (and a bit radical), which merits some credit. However, I don't see this working in the long term or inspiring others to follow suit.

  3. I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that picture.

  4. I want the voiceover job. Imagine, deep in the heart of Texas... a New York accent.

    "Tonite at ten...

    Toity people are undah arrest aftuh robbin' a bank...

    Dese people open a dollah a cup cawfee shop...

    And how bout dem Cowboys! Fuhgeddaboudit!"

  5. Unfortunately, it is against company policy to disseminate information directly to employees who may actually need it. You will need to rely on 3rd party sources to figure out what's going on.

  6. Grape, I'll put in a good word for you.


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