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Saturday, August 21, 2010

You can win a chance to wake up NASA astronauts

I Want to Be an AstronautYou know how NASA wakes up the astronauts on shuttle missions with a special song? Now you get the chance to choose those songs for the last two scheduled space shuttle missions.

Normally those songs are selected by friends and family of the crews.

For the last two scheduled missions, NASA is inviting the public to visit the "Wakeup Song Contest" website to select songs from a list of the top 40 previous wakeup calls or to submit original tunes for consideration.

To vote or submit a song go to:

The two songs that get the most votes will be jump start the crews on the final scheduled flight of space shuttle Discovery. Discovery's STS-133 mission is targeted to launch on Nov. 1. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here