Thursday, August 19, 2010

39 KIAH Ghost Hunters facing death

Just because KIAH 39's current news is going away to be replaced by NewsFix, doesn't mean the current crew isn't still coming up with new features. Recently launched is the 39 Ghost Hunters - a team that investigates Houston hauntings. This franchise has won an Emmy in the past according to the videos. We'll see if KIAH 39 Tribune Imaginator Gary Jaffe keeps the segment.

- St. Arnold Brewing Company, Houston - 39 Ghost Hunters
- 39GhostHunters Twitter

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  1. Thanks for blogging about us Mike! We have been green-lighted for another investigation to air on Halloween night. Of course, it's still unknown in which direction NewsFix will be taking us... but, facing the unknown is what our group is all about. Thanks again!


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