Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sprinkles Cupcakes to open in Houston - war is on

Cupcakes!Houston has some good cupcake shops no doubt. I personally like Crave in Uptown. In fact I just bought a half dozen there this past weekend as a gift for my wife!

Next Monday though...is a game changer for all Houston cupcake lovers. It's going to be an epic war of frosting, flavors and wrappers that will leave some with an overdose of sugar.

I'll get to the point, Sprinkles Cupcakes from California is finally opening in Houston's Highland Village. Sprinkles just so happens to be the godfather of all cupcake shops in America. It is the one that spawned them all like a sugary virus that has infected the nation.

Back in on October 1, 2008 I wrote that Sprinkles was opening here and now on June 21 it will actually be in Houston. I'm sure you can blame the economy for the delay.

I've been to the original location in Beverly Hills and it is pretty damn good. You can even get shots of icing right at the counter. Who gets that? Probably the people you figure would.

So stop eating now and save those calories for the start of next week. See you in line?

Sprinkles Cupcakes
Highland Village
4014 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77027

Houston to get Sprinkles Cupcakes

(Thanks Sonia)


  1. The cupcake biz is saturated in Houston. Enough already with cupcakes. Come up with something more creative.

  2. Lima bean shops. The main ingredient of all products are lima beans. Now that is creative.

  3. Speak for yourself! We're still waiting for our first outlet of any of them in the Clear Lake area. Maybe in a few square miles it's saturated.

    In and around West U there's Crave near the Galleria, Sugar Baby's and Who Made the Cake on Shepard, Dessert Gallery on Kirby, Celebrity on University, and Rustika on 59.

  4. That is quite a list and you are right...all around the inner loop.


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