Monday, May 24, 2010

Michael Berry of 740 KTRH going national?

Many of you know Michael Berry as the colorful afternoon 740 KTRH talk show host. You probably did not know he also served as AM operations manager for Clear Channel Houston.

Sources tell me that of last Friday the latter is no longer true. Longtime KTRH program director Bryan Erickson will be stepping into the operations manager role.

Berry stepping down from his management position does not surprise me. Why? Well he seems to be filling in on a lot of national shows lately. Then I noticed the debut of site that could easily be made into a larger presence than just for Houston. So with more time for his show, is Michael Berry about to be a national radio show player?

“I’m now doing a longer show (4 full hours daily), and this takes all my time and energy." Berry told the blog. "Our stations are performing well and Bryan Erickson was ready to step in and lead them. I don’t know if going national is the next step, but I’m flattered that there is interest in carrying my show in places outside our market. Only time will tell what that means for me and the show.”

Berry's confession to me that his show could go outside Houston is the potential first step to a coast to coast broadcast. You can say you knew him when...

Just three years ago I interviewed Houston Councilman Michael Berry at city hall as he was leaving politics to enter radio management full time. How time flies.

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  1. What is perhaps most interesting about Berry's new site is that it is on WordPress -- real blogging software.

    It strikes me that the Clear Channel stations have been missing out for years by making their hosts post on that awful "blog" platform they use (you know, the one that lacks comments, permalinks, and other features of actual blog platforms). Maybe more of them will follow MB's lead on this now.

  2. I like mixing it up on the radio, and Michael Berry is one of my "staples." TV is a bit of a "guilty pleasure," but I could go without TV. It's talk radio that would be the most difficult to give up. Thank heavens it won't happen. The listeners are very tuned in and extremely loyal.

  3. Kevin, you bring up an interesting point. From what I understand, Clear Channel does not want its talent pushing to websites out of its network. Since he has a WP blog, that is just another sign he will be on other stations.


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