Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NBC 5 KXAS gets new meteorologist

NBC 5 KXAS in Dallas-Fort Worth announces a new meteorologist in Grant Johnston from Oklahoma City's KFOR:

NBC 5 named meteorologist Grant Johnston to North Texas’ top team of weather professionals where he will anchor weather coverage on NBC 5 News each weekend afternoon and evening.

Johnston has been freelancing for NBC 5 in recent weeks and has held several on-air meteorological positions. For the past seven years, he was forecasting at NBC affiliate, KFOR-TV, in Oklahoma City, OK. READ THE REST

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  1. Why I know him some what from KFOR. I got his autograph photo from KFOR in Oklahoma City. he should come to Houston to be a weather caster.

  2. So he's dropping out of the seminary? That's the whole reason he moved to Dallas.

  3. No he is doing both seminary and the job. I should have taken a different career path in TV. I always had to stay late and work all these weird hours. Not sure I would have been able to pull of a new degree.


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