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Monday, March 29, 2010

VIDEO: TV reporter gets funny revenge on live shot crashers

Lenslinger found a hilarious feature on WGN Chicago's channel 9 where sports anchor Pat Tomasulo makes fun of live shot crashers. He's made it a morning show feature. For those of you who do not know, live shot crashers are the fools in the background waving and trying to get on TV.

Apparently what Tomasulo does is pretend to be doing a live shot in a public setting and wait for someone to do something in the background (obviously his photographer gives him a signal). He then chases the crasher down and asks them to be on "live TV" (it is actually going to tape.

Tomasulo then asks a series of embarrassing questions. It could be on sexual dysfunction, jock itch, men who wear ladies panties...etc. In one instance I saw he insults a couples baby and says he's doing a story on "average looking" children. He's brilliant.

The Web site and morning newscast feature is called "Pat-Down" and even has a snazzy open. I can't believe a TV station is this cool to allow a segment like this on. It is pretty funny and I am sure brings a laugh to morning show and Web viewers in between kidnapping and murder stories. I have an example segment below. The segment's page is here.

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