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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hubble 3D review at Wortham IMAX Theatre

I got a chance to see the IMAX production of Hubble 3D which is opening this week at the Houston Museum of Natural Science's Wortham IMAX Theatre.

To sum it's breathtaking. This hour long documentary shows us Hubble's stunning photography in 3D IMAX glory and spectacular video of the astronauts repairing the aging telescope.

To create the film, an IMAX 3D camera flew onboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis, captured stunning 3D images of the intricate spacewalks required to service the telescope during the most recent mission last May. Shot by the STS-125 astronauts, this intimate look at the complexities of repairing the telescope will put IMAX audiences right there along-side the spacewalking astronauts. Hubble 3D combines this awe-inspiring IMAX footage with breathtaking up-close imagery of distant galaxies, the birth of stars and planets, and more - revealing the cosmos as never before.

The narration by Leonardo DiCaprio didn't even bother me like I thought it would!  The movie opens this Friday in Houston.

- Review: 'Hubble 3D' launches viewers on grand trek
- Hubble 3D

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  1. It was certainly beautiful and the scenes of the planet earth behind the Hubble were stunning, but the very end is what really blew me away. When you realize just how much is out there and how little we have done. Billions of galaxies with billions of stars. Everyone should go see this movie.


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