Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Comcast Internet DVR scheduler in Houston?

Comcast has launched a product that allows customers to schedule DVR recordings over the Internet. It's called myDVR Manager.

Just don't look for it in Houston at this point. Michael Bybee at Comcast Houston tells me, "We look forward to launching MyDVR in Houston at some point in the future."

Until then hang on to your remote control for DVR recording.

Also while I was talking to Comcast, I asked a question a reader direct messaged me on Twitter. He wanted to know why MSNBC and Comedy Central are not available in High Definition.

"Mike, we do regularly evaluate our channel lineup and are always looking to add new channels- especially HD; these two channels could very well be added to our lineup at some point but I don't have a definitive answer at this point," Bybee told me. "Our ultimate goal is to deliver our customers maximum choice and flexibility when it comes to selecting programming that interests them."

One juicy bit of info Bybee told me is that Comcast Houston has a big announcement about a new product coming up. Stay tuned here for the news.


  1. I want Fox Soccer Channel in HD too on Comcast Houston. They should pick up sports channels in HD as soon as they are available.

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  3. Come on Comcast. I'm paying a lot load of money for cable, the least you can do is give us these nice features now! Teases.

  4. It would be great to have one of each channel. I'm new to comcast and it's a bummer sifting through 3 of most channels... Do we really need an SD and 2 HD versions of the major channels?

  5. why do we even need the SD versions at all? The cable box can down convert for those who do not have HD TV Sets.


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