Wednesday, January 13, 2010

KENS 5 new anchor Jeff Vaughn hits San Antonio airwaves

It's a big week for San Antonio news viewers as Jeff Vaughn of KSHB-TV Kansas City takes over the newsdesk of KENS 5 for the retired Chris Marrou. Here's a review of his first night from Jeanne Jakle of the Express-News:

Vaughn, who came from an anchor job in Kansas City, Mo., rushed through a story or two during his initial bow at 5 p.m. However, the 44-year-old warmed up considerably by 6 p.m., giving appropriate emphasis to each news item.

He also shared his best visual asset — an infectious smile — more frequently and joined in banter with Lucero, weatherman Bill Taylor and sportscaster Joe Reinagel as if he already were one of the gang. They joked how he brought the cold with him (though these temperatures are nice compared, he said, to the below-zero weather in Missouri) and he mentioned he was a Cowboys fan. READ THE REST

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  1. He's a terrible speaker! While reporting the news last night, he fumbled his words four times!!

  2. Give the guy a break...It's a new job! He was wonderful in KC and is definately missed.

  3. Great success Jeff, There is a void on our local news without you here. You truly delivered the news in a balanced non-opinionated style. Good luck cycling and helping in the community. You are missed. Thank you. Daniel Stoner


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