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Tuesday, December 01, 2009 wants to stop bad gifts

If you are tired of receiving sucky gifts, the folks at want to help. You can use your Facebook account to log in and create a wishlist to distribute to friends and family. It is not for the bashful at heart.

I created a profile and asked for the The Beatles Stereo Box Set (stereo only for me please).

I could then send out gift requests via Facebook or we could become friends through the wishzilla site and see the list that way.  Being that times are economically tough, it appears you can ask for non-material gifts like a "clean the garage gift" or "I'm feeling lazy, can you write a few blog posts for me so I can gawk at The City finale with the TV volume off?"

Since you can see other folk's wishlists, you can probably steal gift ideas or just get a voyeuristic thrill from other people's desires.  That sounds so dirty but then again so does my second non-material gift wish. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here