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Friday, December 18, 2009

Is the government looking to kill TV?

Is President Obama's FCC looking to kill TV stations' over the air broadcasts? Harry Jessell of TVNewsCheck reports the administration is bringing in a Duke law professor on sabbatical who wrote a paper on this subject:

Benjamin first makes the argument that we've heard elsewhere: Broadcasting is an inefficient use of spectrum because most people (he says 14 percent of homes) no longer receive broadcast signals off air, but rather get them via cable or satellite. Taking back the spectrum and auctioning it would generate "hundreds of billions of dollars" in revenue for the government and put it to better use.

Benjamin concedes that there would be costs to ending over-the-air broadcasting, notably for "people too poor" to afford cable and satellite. But they can be shifted to cable or satellite for less than $10 billion, "a small fraction of the value of broadcast frequencies, as reflected in the value of those frequencies at auction once they could be used for any service." READ THE REST

I don't think the government has to interfere with this. From what I understand everything is going in this direction on its own.

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