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Monday, September 21, 2009

Is Sam Malone going to 700 KSEV?

I try to be a news source for all things Sam Malone around here. A blog reader recently wrote me and said:

My guess where Sam lands....KSEV, to replace Pat on it!!

I went right to the source...Mr. Sam Malone and here is what he told me:

I'm still enjoying retirement, and plan to relax and spend as much time as possible with the family. Having breakfast with my son everyday, helping with homework every night, and coaching his baseball team reminds you of what's really important in life!

Turns out Sam recently had a guest spot on Paul Bettencort's 700 KSEV show and some of the audience thought this meant more.

My guess is that a big name like Sam Malone will be on Houston radio sooner than later. You wouldn't believe the amount of people who Google Sam's name every single day and end up here looking for news about him.

- Sam Malone of KRBE, KHMX talks to Mike McGuff
- Pat Gray leaving Houston's 700 KSEV for Glenn Beck


  1. Sam is going there.

  2. Oh, so you think this is one of those situations where he can't talk about it yet...interesting.

  3. I got real happy with the headline. Until when I read his response I got sad. I miss him and Marie when they were doing what real radio was about on 104 KRBE.They were able to make people happy and feel good and that would want to make you a true loyal listener. Wow...How sad. Houston Radio is no longer fun listening to. I guess it's just me and my ipod. Thanks Steve Jobs.

  4. This is the only thing that could be worse than Pat Gray and/or "Special Edd" Hendee in the AM on 700.

    I've enjoyed Sam's retirement more than Sam has.


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