Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meteorologist Eric Braate to leave KPRC Channel 2

UPDATE 10/20/2012 - KPRC 2's Eric Braate returns to the green screen

Television meteorologist Eric Braate is leaving KPRC Channel 2 reports the Detroit News. He's going to WDIV Channel 4 in Detroit:

WDIV-TV (Channel 4) meteorologist Kim Adams has the perfect sunny disposition for mornings. But soon, the station will see if Adams can perk up the afternoons, as well.

In mid-May, Adams will move to WDIV's 4 p.m. newscast and the station will bring in a new meteorologist, Eric Braate, who will do mornings instead.

A Grand Rapids native, Braate currently works at KPRC-TV (Channel 2), the NBC affiliate in Houston, Texas, and a sister station of WDIV. READ THE REST

Hey Eric, the forecast will always be cold with auto union problems.

I believe WDIV is where former KPRC Channel 2 General Manager Steve Wasserman left Houston for. Guess Braate is back with the old boss again.

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  1. Why is it immpossible for KPRC to keep a stable meteorologist besides Frank Billingsley and Anthony Yanez?

  2. The others are just probably mad KPRC got rid of Radar The Weather Dog.

  3. Wasserman was fired from that Detroit station about a year ago.

  4. Braate never worked with Wasserman. Wasserman left WDIV many months ago. This is a promotion for Braate within the company.

  5. Who's Eric Braate?


  6. Steve Wasserman was just named GM at WPTV in West Palm Beach, FL. It is owned by EW Scripps :

    The article does say that he was recently at WDIV.

  7. Dustin, thanks for finding that.

  8. No problem, I stumbled across it while I was nerding the net... :)

  9. I think Frank has a lot to do with it. Anthony is becoming very popular. He needs to watch it because Frank will do away with him in a second.

  10. Eric Braate used to be the Meterologist for a television station in Milwaukee. I wish he never left!


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