Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Remembering Westwood Mall

Since we lived in that part of Houston, my family always went to Westwood Mall. It was never the best mall, but it was our mall.

Before kids tortured each other a la Jackass, my friends and I would shoot movies with actual story lines there. Speaking of movies, I believe a real movie, Adam, was filmed at the mall.

The mall
had a carousel and an arcade called The Goldmine. With all of the kids in there playing video games, I'm sure it was a real goldmine for the owner.

Then in the late 90's, the mall shutdown and became a technology center. I guess that means office space for tech companies. It was the tech boom time so people were looking to get some anyway they could.

The only sign of the old mall is the Sears that is still in business.

The Houston Business Journal reports that the current property is dumping the Westwood name and is adding in more office space:
The remainder of the old Westwood Mall has been reconfigured to accommodate high-tech office tenants.

Now known as Southwest Corporate Center, the property is located at 9700 Bissonnet near the Southwest Freeway. The site of the former Dillard's, or the West Wing building, has been transformed into 175,000 square feet available for lease as phase two of the project. Phase One, consisting of 360,000 square feet, is fully leased.



  1. Westwood was my mall when I first landed in Houston back in Jan 1978. I would go there for shopping, dinner,and a movie. I liked that it was more laid back than the Galleria or Sharpstown. You could always get a good parking spot and getting in and out of the area was easy. Then in the late 80's I moved to the 290 & hwy 6 area and found a new mall to go to - Willowbrook. Anybody remember Gulfgate or ....was it Airline?

  2. Wow I didnt even know it had been closed. I think I too found the mall in 1978 when I was 11 years old. Me and some friends would get together and go to the mall to play the video games at the Goldmine and eat pizza at one of the pizza shops. Cant remember the name anymore.
    There was a hobby shop there on the second floor which we loved to browse. It was then and at that hobby shop that I was turned on to stamp collecting. A hobby that has stayed with me to this day. When I look over my collection I remember those days fondly.
    At least Sears is still there. We always stopped there to play the new Atari systems they had setup for demo.
    Sad to find out its not a mall anymore.

    Kelly and Penny, if you read this I never forgot how much fun we had then. Guess who!

  3. I was doing a random Google search for "Westwood Mall Houston" and found this link on the first page of recommended links. I'm trying to recall the layout! If I'm not mistaken, there were three screens at the movie theater? Anyway.. I work in the SWCC now, I'm actually in the building as I type this comment.

  4. Westwood Mall was a fantastic place. I was introduced to the mall at age 11 as well. Does anyone remember Olga's Gyros? Or the fantastic custom T-Shirt place on the second floor? My Dad bought me a KISS shirt there. In high school, some of my friends worked at the movie theater and would add terrible things to the pocorn butter! To this day, I can't eat popcorn at any theater!

  5. Man that was the first place I got a job @ the Theatre. Man I was the popcorn guy. Nobody wanted to pop that popcorn because the job sucked. But I must have bagged like hundreds of bags in that popcorn room.

  6. In 1976 I was in choir at Chambers Elementary school and we did a Christmas performance at Westwood mall.

  7. I could walk to the mall from our neigborhood on the other side of the bayou. It was great....and unique because of the stairs in the middle - it had lots of levels in the middle of an atruim. The Goldmine was one of the best arcades in southwest houston and naturally there was also an Orange Julius there. The movies were general cinema - with that catchy spinning reel opening. link -
    We saw Jaws, Star Wars and ET there -- all the greats. RIP Westwood

  8. Was only at this mall once, but it was quite memorable. I went to the theater to see Animal House. I do remember the mall having two levels and as a previous post mentioned, was more laid back then the Sharpstown Mall was back in the day. Glad to see at least it has not been demolished.


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