Thursday, April 22, 2021

Dominique Sachse hair surprise 2021

Dominique Sachse has surprised us in 2021 with a hair color change with stylist Cerón.  

Just as the temps will start heating up, the KPRC 2 anchor is going with a warmer color, plus tape-in extensions.

I will admit, I did not know what tape-in extensions were until this new Sachse video. 

Anytime Sachse changes her hair, it seems to break the Houston internet based on my blog's analytics.  In fact, she was even ready to shave my head a few years ago. 

And as an update, since Sachse was on NBC's Today right as her YouTube hit one million subscribers, the famous anchor has now hit 1.44 million subs!

Could be one of the reasons channel 2 Houston viewers are apparently getting Sachse tattoos.

- Dominique Sachse is having more fun?
Dominique Sachse's new hairstyle has viewers longing for more

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