Thursday, April 05, 2018

Hottest Houston social media stars March 2018

It's that time again...In March, Telemundo had the number one person in social media, but FOX 26 pretty much dominated the rest of the list.

Share Rocket gives us data on how each Houston TV station and the corresponding air staff members performed on Facebook and Twitter for the month of March 2018.

Share Rocket is, "a social media ratings and audience solution providing media companies an easy way to quantify their social media equity, benchmark against peers and turn social market intelligence into insights that drive social success."

The numbers are pulled from station usage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using Share Rocket's "Share" measurement.

First we are looking at every Houston media company in the Share Rocket database and top personalities. Then I am looking at the top 5 on air staff members at each station in order of channel number.

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Houston Media
  1. abc13 KTRK
  2. KHOU 11
  3. FOX 26 KRIV
  4. KPRC 2
  5. Houston Chronicle
  6. 45 Univision
  7. 47 Telemundo
  8. Houston's 39
  9. CultureMap Houston
  10. Houston Press

Top 5 individuals
  1. Eduardo Rodríguez (Yusnaby Pérez) - 47 Telemundo
  2. Kaitlin Monte - FOX 26 KRIV
  3. Dominique Sachse - KPRC 2
  4. Mark Berman - FOX 26 KRIV
  5. Coco Dominguez - FOX 26 KRIV

  1. Dominique Sachse
  2. Jennifer Reyna
  3. Adam Wexler
  4. Lainie Fritz
  5. Justin Stapleton

  1. Chita Craft
  2. Daniel Gotera
  3. Melissa Correa
  4. Brooks Garner
  5. Tiffany Craig

abc 13 KTRK
  1. Mayra Moreno
  2. Samica Knight
  3. Collin Myers
  4. Melanie Lawson
  5. Steve Campion

  1. Kaitlin Monte
  2. Mark Berman
  3. Coco Dominguez
  4. Isiah Carey
  5. Ivory Hecker

Univision 45 KXLN
  1. Marcela Perez Barros
  2. Karina Yapor
  3. Laura Sierra
  4. Marlene Guzman
  5. Deysy Rios

Telemundo 47 KTMD
  1. Eduardo Rodríguez (Yusnaby Pérez)
  2. Martín Berlanga
  3. Carlos A. Robles
  4. Ubaldo Martínez
  5. Augusto Bernal

Houston Chronicle
  1. Jonathan Feigen
  2. Joseph Duarte
  3. John McClain
  4. Jake Kaplan
  5. Brian T. Smith

DISCLAIMER: The top five Houston Chronicle staffers are listed at the bottom. I did not include KIAH 39 because it does not have five full-time on-air employees to make up the list. No Houston radio stations are listed in the Share Rocket database.

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