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Monday, September 18, 2017

Is Casey Curry co-hosting KPRC 2's Houston Life permanently?

A day after I posted she was gone from abc13 KTRK, meteorologist Casey Curry co-hosts Houston Life on KPRC 2

Casey Curry does weather on FOX 26 KRIV

Derrick Shore with Casey Curry on Houston Life Monday


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I thought my phone was going to blow up as ex-abc13 KTRK meteorologist Casey Curry showed up as a co-host with Derrick Shore on KPRC 2's Houston Life Monday.

See, I told you in the last post that it would be interesting to see where she showed up next. That was even faster than I anticipated.

As I told you Sunday, Curry is no longer with channel 13, so she is a free agent.

Clearly channel 2 was excited about that possibility.

The show just lost its meteorologist host Jennifer Broome, here comes meteorologist Curry to save the day!

UPDATE: After posting this, I got to the Galleria Houston Life studio as fast as possible.

Houston Life Executive Producer Don Graham tells this was a guest spot for Curry.

As I have written before, after the departure of Broome, the show held an online casting call.

Graham tells me they received more than a hundred entries. This Thursday, the show will start featuring those finalists.

He assures me Curry is still a possible candidate though.

Curry was nice enough to fill us in on what is going on through a Facebook Live video with me (embedded below). Pardon the camera work.

She says she hasn't had time to jump on social media as of late because she was busy prepping for her Houston Life appearance.

"I want to thank you guys, because you've been so sweet," Curry told concerning Houston TV viewers. "I have loved being a meteorologist for so many of you here in Houston, it's been wonderful, and I hope I'm able to stick around here in Houston and be apart of your TV life. So, now what a wonderful way to start my vacation, hanging out with my friends at channel 2 and do some Houston Life for today."

I'm sure Curry would do very well as a host of this show. She was always great at mixing the serious with the light-hearted news coverage. If the show needs weather coverage...well that's an added bonus.

Casey Curry does weather on FOX 26 KRIV

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