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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wayne Dolcefino's first TV interview after car accident

WAYNE DOLCEFINO: "My view is that God has saved me because he wants me to mess with some more people who are ripping people off and that's good enough for me, because otherwise he wouldn't have saved me."

FOX 26 KRIV's Greg Groogan was the first to interview Wayne Dolcefino after his terrible car accident:

Dolcefino's body was shattered, the relentless reporter all but gone.

"I've covered hurricanes. I've been in my share of fights. I've seen a lot of stuff, but there ain't nothing like getting hit at 75 miles an hour," said the 60-year-old husband and father.

The wheel chair bears witness -- a hip so badly fractured it had to be completely replaced, both heels pulverized, complications including a near lethal blood clot, and then there is that 10-inch laceration to the skull, the scar of which he will wear forever. READ MORE

Groogan announced on the end of his story that Dolcefino will be back on the panel of What's Your Point on its new Sunday morning 7am time.

In other Dolcefino related news, the legendary investigator has turned his sites on the city of Austin and it's going to cost him according to his report.

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