Wednesday, January 11, 2017

VIDEO: KHOU 11 and KTRK abc13's dueling morning promos

KHOU 11 and KTRK abc13 have unleashed some new morning promos that have hit the Internet over the last few months. As they say, mornings are the new nights in the TV news biz.

ABC13 AM Routine :30 from ABC13 on Vimeo.

Travis Aggie Pride Weather Image :30 from ABC13 on Vimeo.

KATHAMFAST30KTRK KTRK 16x9 HighRes from ABC13 on Vimeo.


  1. terrible KHOU promo. 13 blows it out of the water. First 45 seconds you wouldnt even know what it's about. And it just shows people going about their mornings NOT watching their news! Not even on their app. THat doctor gets more airtime than the talent!! It's basically a crappy music video. 13 gets more across in the first 10 seconds. SAD!

  2. Nice to see Andy and Sophia anchoring Ch 2 this morning instead of having to deal with the annoying fake laugh of 2-cartons a day Hans Moleman and Rack McNeal.
    Now is we could just get non-consumer expert Lamey Davis, and no-talent traffic Can't Read Reyna to join Wal-Mart instead of appearing on air, it would be purrrrr-fect.

    1. Owen Smokesplenty1/16/2017 01:35:00 PM

      I feel sadly left out here....but I do like checking out Reyna on the teleprompter every morning!

  3. Those promos are all horrid. Especially the one for KHOU. Generic to the max. No wonder KPRC is #1 in the mornings now.

  4. Owen Smokesplenty1/17/2017 12:36:00 AM

    The fact that KPRC is #1 is due to my irresistibly deep voice that keeps Dominique coming back for more!