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Monday, October 17, 2016

Art Rascon bitten by copperhead snake

Art Rascon, who has covered everything from the Iraq war to devastating hurricanes, gets first snakebite in his own yard

It's kind of crazy.

Here KTRK abc13 anchor Art Rascon travels the world, putting himself in danger to tell stories, and then it's in his own driveway where he is bitten by a copperhead snake.

Hospital or not, Rascon is still a journalist. He's been going live on Facebook to interview his doctor and talk about his progress.

In the last hour as I am writing this, Rascon told us on Facebook Live that the snake bit him at the base of his toe and the swelling his progressing up to his ankle.

His Memorial Hermann hospital doctor says anti-venom will be given if the swelling moves up. The doctor adds the anti-venom medication is not immediately given because they first must figure out the severity of the bite. The reason is some patients are allergic to the anti-venom.

Rascon says he is experiencing pain and feels light headed. His doctor says they can't totally take a way snake bite pain, but can lessen it with medicine. The doc doesn't want to totally knock the veteran channel 13 anchor out because he still needs to talk to him about his condition.

The doctor says warm weather months are the times of year the hospital sees snake bites. So if only Rascon would have gone to his car after the next cold front, he'd be on the news today!

Art Rascon is back at home.


  1. OUCH! Hoping he recovers soon enough.

  2. what a sad state of affairs. They basically told him this could make you feel better sooner, but since it probably cost at least 5 figures, let's hold off unless it's going to kill you.

  3. Only thing worse than getting bit by a copperhead is having Deborah Wrinkley sent in by ABC13 to try and make a news story about this!

  4. Didn't his original tweet refer to Memorial Hermann as just Herman (sic)? He lives and works in this community.
    As a journalist, ok -- anchorman, you'd think he would know the name of one of the finest hospitals.

  5. What's that picture on the right side, where he's in a hospital bed on the left? The dead snake with the kill wound?


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