Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lauren Tostenson leaves KHOU 11

Looks like reporter Lauren Tostenson has left KHOU 11. Her bio has been wiped from the channel 11 website sometime in the last week.

Tostenson joined KHOU in November of 2015 from CW39 KIAH's NewsFix where she was a multimedia sports journalist.

Central Texas TV viewers will know Tostenson as Mickler (maiden name) where she spent two years as a Time Warner Cable News MMJ in Austin.

Prior to Texas, Tostenson worked two years at KEZI 9 News Eugene, Oregon. She moved to Eugene from her hometown of San Diego where she worked at NBC 7 San Diego KNSD.

She graduated from journalism powerhouse the University of Missouri where she put in time at KOMU.

I contacted both KHOU and Tostenson last week for this post but never heard back from either party. If I do, the update will be posted here.


  1. I felt like with Seeing Josh, and all the new ones lately someone seemed like they were missing. I know Kevin Left and such but who knows what fully happened.

    When someone is gone so quickly

  2. I guess you could say that she started fast but ended slow....

  3. And yet Chita is still cashing checks at KHOU. Ridiculous.

  4. Who's next on the KHOU chopping block? Chita's tatas are not going anywhere! I'd like to see Lily Jang moved out of her reporter's role....she's way more deserving than that!

  5. The revolving door has been removed from KPRC and installed at KHOU

  6. Chita stays there is nothing wrong with her.

    But she will be a mama next spring so

    Lily is in reporter role till her contract is up at least then she will probably be next one gone.

    I know the one with Traffic that is now at Channel 13 didn't want the reporter role in field or such wanted to stay with Traffic so glad at least is somewhere.

    But who knows on Lauren too maybe will be somewhere before we know it.

    And Lily too


    1. Chita is hideous as a meteorologist, and she's certainly not eye candy. No clue. And her slack jawed yokel voice is even worse. Which begs the question: why is she on air at all?

  7. Wish they would have moved her to sports. She's always talking about local team in her tweets, she knows her stuff.

    1. I concur! Her Tweets alone made her more credible and knowledgeable about sports than the entire Sports Staffs at KPRC and KHOU.


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