Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mario Gomez's last KHOU 11 weathercast tonight

Tonight on the 10pm news, KHOU 11 meteorologist Mario Gomez delivers weather for last time on TEGNA station

Mario Gomez

As I posted back in April, longtime KHOU 11 meteorologist Mario Gomez is leaving the TEGNA station after 32 years.

However lately, since he has still been on the air, channel 11 viewers are asking if Gomez is actually leaving.

Well, I would tell them, I hope you enjoyed Gomez's work this summer because his time with the Houston CBS affiliate ends tonight 10pm.

He took to Facebook Sunday morning with this message:

As one of the longest serving TV meteorologist in Houston, I want to say thank you for allowing me to come into your homes. Thank you for trusting KHOU during the worst hurricanes and floods that are so common in SE Texas. I've enjoyed working with the best in the business for almost 32 years. See you all one last time tonight on the late news.


  1. From one USAF veteran to another USAF veteran, AIM HIGH!

    Enjoy your long-awaited retirement Mario!

  2. You're a class act, Mario. I'll miss seeing you on the weekends.

  3. I think it's time for KHOU 11 to find a replacement for Mario Gomez since he retired

  4. I hope they find someone good for the Weekends. I know with KHOU they only have the Morning news on Saturday morning and don't need 5 or 6 people with weather like KPRC and KTRK have

    I get confused alone who is on at KPRC during the week. At the 11 am time to 2 pm can see anyone of Brita, Justin, Khambrel or Eric with the weather. Frank I see at least at 2 doing the little weather update at top of Hour then if is working that night and not on Vacation or something.

    But I do wish Mario Well and was nice to see Dr. Neil Frank in there as well. I watched him his whole time and Mario's as well with Channel 11. I know we moved here probably perhaps just before Mario came to station but been through all the people he mentioned with Steve Smith, Giff, Felicia and more.

    Good luck with playing that Golf or biking or whatever you are planning to do. And to whomever comes in on Weekends now if they have someone I wish them well too taking over for such an Iconic gentlemen.

    WE have Sports person left to Fill too so hopefully in next month at least will have someone there as the Sports season will be heating up with College Football/High School Football/NFL and soon Rockets too.

    So see what will be in store with the Next Chapter at KHOU here.

  5. And yet the incompetent (bleached) blonde "meteorologist" still is on air. So sad.

  6. Interesting to see what's next in store at KHOU-TV!

  7. So now Mario you will become my "fair -weather friend, now that hurricanes are becoming active. Your time served in the Houston market has been noble. Your calm and soothing demeanor will be hard to match.
    Thanks Mario, good luck in your future indeavourers. This household will miss and your still our friend.
    Peace Out, Mark Piñón

  8. I enjoyed working alongside you on the anchor desk so many years ago. I join others in saying you will be missed on Houston TV. Best wishes to a weatherman who is a true class act. -CH

  9. I enjoyed working alongside you on the anchor desk so long ago. I join others who say you will be missed on Houston TV. Best wishes to a weatherman who is a true class act.

  10. Interesting to see who'll be replacing Mario on the weekends!


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