Friday, June 17, 2016

Ned Hibberd joins WCNC NBC Charlotte

Former FOX 26 KRIV reporter/anchor Ned Hibberd joins WCNC NBC Charlotte

Former longtime FOX 26 KRIV reporter and weekend anchor, Ned Hibberd, is leaving his post-Houston gig as assistant news director at Fox Charlotte WJZY-WMYT after two years and some change.

His next move is across the street as they say.

That's because Hibberd is heading to WCNC as the new executive producer of investigations and special projects.

As I wrote before, Hibberd was at KRIV for nearly 25 years where he started as an intern.

The Rice grad worked as a production crew member, assignments editor, associate producer, investigative reporter, fill-in anchor and general assignments reporter.

His first day at WCNC will be June 23rd.

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  1. Ned was one of the nice guys and a great professional. Hope it's going well for him.

  2. Ned is very talented and a class-act. We miss him here in Houston.

  3. I LOVE Ned Hibberd but then so does everyone (: He's the best.

  4. There's no telling whether Fox regrets pulling its affiliation from WCCB in 2013, and WJZY isn't getting the ratings. WCNC usually is in 3rd place. Recently, WBTV and WSOC have been battling it out for 1st place... WSOC dropping to 2nd place in February, WBTV reclaiming 1st place since 2001. I don't know how those 2 stations did in May. I would think Hibbard did right by leaving the Charlotte Fox station, assuming that station is a sinking ship, and hopefully the competing NBC station treats him better.

  5. Well..WSOC went back to first in May from WBTV. WCNC was one of Belo's not favorite toys in Charlotte. WJZY has been almost abject failure but not because of Ned. They tried a lot of new things the first few months, but its a market that is steeped in tradition. And for everyone to remember, WJZY was bought by FOX to have their own station and the former owners (Capitol Broadcasting of Raleigh) sold them that station so that they could keep the FOX affiliation in Raleigh.


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