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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

VIDEO: Bob Allen gives us cancer recovery update

Bob Allen: "I'm getting stronger everyday"

 photo wardAllen_zpsaxprzy5q.jpg

We saw a nice photo of Bob Allen from Don Nelson's wedding from the weekend. Now we actually get to watch an update from Allen concerning his cancer recovery.

At a lunch today at Mia's Table in the Upper Kirby District, KTRK abc13 anchor Dave Ward met with two former channel 13 sports anchors and a Houston Rockets broadcaster.

Ward took video of Bob Allen and his KTRK predecessor Dan Lovett along with Houston Rockets play-by-play commentator Bill Worrell.

"I'm doing better everyday," Allen told Ward in the video. "I lost 50 pounds, I got weak, went through a year of treatment which sucked. Now I'm going to rehab and I'm getting stronger everyday, feel better everyday. My biggest problem is just being patient. The doctors are giving me a thumbs up."

So what is Lovett doing this days?

"I'm trying to stay out of jail," Lovett joked with Ward.

In reality Lovett is selling copies of his book, "Anybody Seen Dan Lovett?: Memoirs of a Media Nomad."

As for Worrell, he's taking a break after the Rockets season.

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