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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

KTRK abc13 dominates on April 18, 2016 Houston flood event

At one point, KTRK abc13 had a ratings advantage of 5000% compared to a competitor

The TV ratings are in and KTRK abc13 clearly dominated Houston television sets on Monday's flooding event. I'm sure having KPRC 2 knocked off the air didn't hurt.

KTRK had to have experienced the best social media numbers after reporter Steve Campion lent a hand to a flood victim. We often talk about viral stories that probably really aren't trending as much as we think, but that story clearly went around the world based on coverage.

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  1. So Ronchey got her best ratings ever from 7-Noon on Monday at KPRC, eh?

  2. Easy to be a winner when the competition goes off air for the day! lol

    1. Competition? Is that what fake boobs and stammering arrogant news readers are called these days....competition?


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