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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Tom Abrahams dominates Republican debate coverage

KTRK abc13 weekend anchor Tom Abrahams gets close and personal with Donald Trump

Tom Abrahams
Tom Abrahams
Vox reported Fox News's first Republican debate Thursday night was the highest-rated non-sports cable program ever.

And one candidate probably trumped the others when it came to ratings draw.

However, in the post-debate coverage, one figure caught my attention.

 In the gaggle of journalists, I noticed KTRK abc13 weekend anchor Tom Abrahams!

 Later on, looking through the Internet, Abrahams reminded me of the old channel 13 promo "There's that news van again!" (Watch the WABC NY version here). He just kept appearing all over the debate coverage getting candidate interviews.

Here are some of the best images/video of Abrahams:

ABC News video

USA Today

Yahoo! News (watch the video for Abraham's question to Donald Trump)

The Daily Signal (You will see several photos of Abrahams and the abc13 microphone flag)

Just surf around and I'm sure you can play the new "Where's Waldo" game called "Where is Tom Abrahams interviewing presidential candidates?" Twenty points if you spot Tom in Trump's hair.


  1. I saw him on Inside Edition and was like, hey, that's our guy!

  2. When Abrahams does replace Dave Ward, who will take Tom's place on the weekend evenings ?

  3. I thought that yummy eric barajas was taking over?


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