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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

VIDEO: Chita Johnson plays with Darby Douglas' most valued possession

KHOU FOUL! NCAA bracket contest with Chita Johnson turns hair-raising for Darby Douglas

Chita Johnson
Chita Johnson

KHOU 11 traffic anchor Darby Douglas returns to his former gig after five years, and learns the hard way that he shouldn't take a gamble with his new co-workers.

Call it a friendly contest, or maybe a sunrise hazing, but one thing for sure, Darby will probably never make a bet with morning meteorologist Chita Johnson again. Not only can she forecast the weather, but apparently Chita knows how to forecast NCAA brackets! In the ‎#DarbyVsChita‬ bracket challenge, Johnson put a slam dunk on Douglas.

As the winner, Chita got a crack at Darby's prized hair.  With tools like flower headbands and styling gel, what could go wrong?

If you know anything about Douglas, then you know he really takes pride in his hair. His Facebook page is full of photos of the top of his head in shots around KHOU and Houston. And why shouldn't he like it? His hair is luxurious. Vidal Sassoon would even be impressed.

To see Chita Johnson: The Demon Hairstylist of Allen Parkway in action, watch the video embedded below.   It's full of Douglas' hair with flowers, a Three Stooges look and even a fohawk with talk of spray paint. Quick, get Douglas a copy of London Calling!

Darby Douglas KHOU lost his NCAA bracket bet, and his hair paid the price! LOL. Do you think he should keep any of the styles?
Posted by KHOU 11 News on Tuesday, April 7, 2015


  1. I would let Chita play with my hair.

    1. Same here. It's because she's hot.

  2. Bring back Gene Norman. KHOU needs a real weather person, not a gravel voiced Barbie wannabe.

  3. Gene Norman was terrible. David Paul is so much better and has interesting weather-casts.

  4. Not bad. She should do Amy Davis' hair and bring her into the 21st century. Or at least out of the 1950s.

  5. I want Chita to do my hair too & other areas!

  6. I would gladly let Chita play with my most valued possession as well!

  7. Chita is cool....but tht creeper darby dude ruins the whole morning show.....pls bring back Kathrine Whaley.....humpty dumpty weirds me out....

  8. The last reply from jdo333 is jealous Chita played with Darby's hair and not his. This clip of Chita and Darby is hilarious! They make a good team, too funny. I'll start watching channel 11 in the mornings.


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