Friday, April 17, 2015

Jeremy Desel is leaving TV news

KHOU 11's Jeremy Desel is leaving TV for NRG

Jeremy Desel
Jeremy Desel
Houston TV is losing one heck of a reporter.

KHOU 11's Jeremy Desel is leaving the television biz after covering big stories and earning a ton of journalism awards for his work.

I never met Desel personally, but always admired his storytelling ability.

That part of his craft earned him 21 EMMY awards (including four for best writing), a national Edward R. Murrow Award, more than 50 Associated Press awards in Texas and a host of various reporter of the year awards.

Now Desel will take storytelling into the public relations world as a communications executive for NRG.

"I cannot express my excitement about this new endeavor with NRG," Desel told "Telling a new story in a new way will be amazing. The experiences and stories I have been blessed to tell in my 16 years at KHOU will never be forgotten."

"This is a great chance for him to try something fresh and devote himself in a new way to his family," KHOU Executive News Director Philip Bruce said in an internal memo obtained by "Anyone who knows Jeremy recognizes that he’s always put them first. Now that he’s leaving the circus and becoming a normal person, it should be a lot easier for him and them."

Desel probably needs more normal hours for his family too. As you've probably read on my blog, Desel and his wife have four kids!

Before Houston, Desel worked as a reporter/anchor at KATU Portland, KDRV Medford, OR and WAGM Northern Maine.

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  1. He was one of the best reporters this city had. So many reporters going into PR, lot more money there.

  2. He will be a face missed doing the News and more. But wish him luck with his new endeavor. I know PR seems to be way former Reporters have gone. Former Ch 11 News anchor Marlene McClinton, and Jerome Gray as well.

    A lot of reporter changes with Ch 2 and 11 of those stations watch the most. 13 not so much anymore.

    But loved Jeremy reporting with NASA and more too as well. Who will be next here as we head into May to leave or come to Houston.

  3. 16 years at KHOU-TV is a long time. He'll be missed!

    Big question is whether we'll see more reporters & news anchors going into the PR world ?

  4. But the incompetent, bleched blonde, horrible weather girl is still empoyed and enjoying high 6 figures? Despite her incompetence?? Go Blondie....go Reyna too.....who cares about competece....just give us bad boob jobs, nose jobs and bleached hair or grey-be-gone hair....

    1. Don't forget the pounds of makeup and the filters and beauty apps they use when posting a million pics of themselves. You really have to blame their bosses and the people watching, who not only believe everything they see, but base who they watch on what they " appear" to look like. I would give anything to see what all the radio and TV people look like with the same haircut, no surgery, no Botox and zero makeup!

    2. All people in TV and movies use makeup and lighting. You have to. Most are just as ugly as the rest of us.

  5. Pretty much everyone will eventually start doing PR work for businesses like NRG or Comcast.


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