Tuesday, March 03, 2015

'Downton Abbey' after show 'Manor of Speaking' season finale photos

"Downton Abbey" after show "Manor of Speaking" wraps up season

 photo manorofspeaking2_zpsf9eteknf.jpg
“Manor of Speaking” host and producer, Ernie Manouse, pictured with season finale special guest, Joanne King Herring. (Photo: Jonathan Sandys)

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On the set of Houston Public Media’s “Manor of Speaking” during the season finale. (L to R) Special guest Evan Turner, Helen Mann, the butler “Mr. Rodgers,” Ernie Manouse, special guest Joanne King Herring, and St.John Flynn. (Photo: Jonathan Sandys)

 photo maorofspeakign3_zpsb2hxzajn.jpg
John Dascouilias and CultureMap Houston’s editor-in-chief, Clifford Pugh, pose for a photo with the “Downton Abbey” upstairs characters at the “Manor of Speaking” season finale. (Photo: Jonathan Sandys)

Here are photos from the “Manor of Speaking” season finale taping that aired Sunday night on Houston Public Media TV8 KUHT.

Host Ernie Manouse and his trusty manservant “Mr. Rodgers,” lead a studio audience, a rotating cast of super fans and cultural experts through the world of “Downton Abbey" immediately following the hit PBS show's airing.

The Houston-based show has been picked up on other PBS stations across the country.


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  1. I really enjoy your show and was really looking forward to the series finale especially since last week it was announced that Lady Cora would actually be calling in . But N0000000000!!!! our Georgia PBS decided it was more entertaining to show an infomercial in its place!! I think during Downton Abbey series six I will view it on Alabama PBS!!


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