Monday, November 03, 2014

WFAA promos: Dale Hansen vs fake Jerry & Ron Corning's Movember [VIDEO]

WFAA creative team shows us its style of out of the box promotions

WFAA has unleashed promos on us. Enough for me to put all them in one post. From Dale Hansen talking to fake Jerry Jones to Ron Corning's "Movember," spend some time browsing some creative TV promotions.

- WFAA 2014 Since The Beginning 30
- WFAA 2014 We Don't Just Report 60
- DB12 Movember Pete & Dale
- WFAA 2014 Share 30
- Fake Jerry calls Dale Hansen (FULL VERSION)
- MNF2014 WFAA Fake Jerry Request 30
- MNF2014 WFAA Fake Jerry Theme 30
- MNF2014 WFAA Fake Jerry Boyz 15
- DB12 Movember Kickoff 60
- DB12 Movember Stache Patrol
- DB12 Movember Stache Upload
- DB12 Movember The Fields 30 HD
- DB12 Movember Stache Bash
- DB12 Movember Stache Name
- A request. (Dale Hansen and Fake Jerry)
- How do you like my 'boys now? (Dale Hansen and Fake Jerry)
- I love you, man! (Dale Hansen and Fake Jerry)
- Bourbon talking. (Dale Hansen and Fake Jerry)
- Shoes on fire. (Dale Hansen and Fake Jerry)

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