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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Touching moments to end of CSN Houston - VIDEO

After two years, Comcast SportsNet Houston signs off

Bill Doleman and Calvin Murphy bid a teary farewell

Just to show you how unfair the television business is, Comcast SportsNet Houston just produced its final hours of local programming last night and the network is effectively dead. As the future of the new Root Sports Houston is worked out, the plan is for 96 of 141 employees to be laid off.

This is certainly not the fault of the talented group of people who worked at CSN Houston. It was a top notch production all the way.

"The experience at CSN Houston was great because of the people there," wrote CSN Houston reporter Adam Wexler on his blog. "All the people there were excited to be delivering our product to the Houston fans, yes, whichever fans were lucky enough to have the network."

When the network debuted to the only 40% or so of Houston viewers with Comcast, I figured it would all be worked out in time. It was nice to once again have a Houston-only sports network - especially of this superior quality.

But no matter the great job CSN Houston did on the air, politics and business brought the whole thing down.

Below is video of the last credits and a tribute to the CSN Houston employees.

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