Thursday, July 03, 2014

Former KHOU 11 reporter Brad Woodard has died

Former KHOU 11 reporter Brad Woodard leaves many friends and fans; plus a great body of TV work

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences lists Woodard's manner of death as natural.

Brad Woodard
Brad Woodard
News came in Wednesday afternoon that former KHOU 11 reporter Brad Woodard had died earlier in the day. His former station is now confirming the news.

"He was a kind, talented man who wrestled with some unkind problems," KHOU 11 Executive News Director Philip Bruce told "It’s very sad over here."

The station told me Woodard was 52 years old. Published reports say he was 51.

According to KHOU, authorities discovered Woodard's body Wednesday morning after a relative called police to check on him. He had failed to return several phone calls and investigators say there was no evidence of foul play.

"With a sublime story telling voice that frequently reached the exquisite Brad Woodard used his craft and tremendous heart to protect and defend all creatures, human and otherwise," friend and Fox 26 KRIV reporter Greg Groogan told "I mourn him and will remember him well."

Last February I reported that Woodard had been let go from KHOU.

As I posted back then, Woodard joined KHOU in 2006 from KARE-TV, the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Prior to that he worked for WTVF-TV, the CBS affiliate in Nashville, TN and WSAV-TV in Savannah, GA, where he anchored, reported and produced documentaries.

He also appeared in the HBO film, "Vietnam War Stories," and on the short-lived ABC television series, "Breaking Away." The bio also notes his work appeared on NBC's "Today" show nearly 200 times.

In the last 24 hours, social media has been full of tributes to the award winning reporter. He was known as a top rated journalist and talented writer.

UPDATE 7/10/2014
Brad Woodard was laid to rest yesterday in Hayesville, NC. Reporters Kevin Reece of KHOU, Jason Whitely of WFAA, Alex Sanz of AP, and KHOU photographers Tom Empey and Gregg Hamilton attended.

UPDATE 7/7/2014
Here is Woodard's online obituary:
Funeral services will be held at 2:00 PM Wednesday, July 9, 2014 in the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church with the Revs. Chad Chandler and Lewis Walker officiating. Interment will be in the church cemetery. Pallbearers will be Stan Woodard, Gregg Hamilton, Jason Whitely, Kevin Reece, Tom Empey, and Tom Gasparoli. Jake Empey will serve as honorary pallbearer.


  1. Very shocked regarding the passing of Brad Woodard.

  2. Wow... VERY stunned to find out of his passing. I certainly send my thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, and all whom have known and loved Brad Woodard.

  3. why the need to add "suffered from some unkind demons"? show the dead some respect

  4. I talked to him several times about a month ago. They were great, amusing and authentic conversations, as they always were.
    Brad was almost incomparably talented, a man of extraordinary depth and complexity, of great humor, wit and keen perception, endless kindness - and there was no one like him. Not even close. .

  5. Phillip Bruce fired Brad. He did not attempt to help him deal with "unkind problems". That's on his conscience.

  6. Brad was a wonderful man, such a sincere, beautiful soul. I mourn his passing and send condolences to his family. Heartbroken. The world lost one of the best.

    1. Sherry Gregory Nassar7/10/2014 10:53:00 AM

      Melanie, you are so right.

  7. Sherry Gregory Nassar7/10/2014 10:36:00 AM

    The more I think about what KHOU 11 Executive News Director Philip Bruce said of Brad "He was a kind, talented man who wrestled with some unkind problems," the more unbelievably outrageous it is. Bringing someone of Brad’s caliber to KHOU was one of the best decisions ever made and the decision to let him go was the worst. First of all, what Bruce said with no explanation sounds like pure unadulterated slander - against a wonderful man who cannot come back to defend his honor. If there was anything dark that Brad struggled with, it’s what thinking, caring humans struggle against – the suffering inflicted on those who can least fight back. He cared deeply about humans in distress, animals who were abused. He was honestly one of the most caring, thoughtful, honest, beloved, respected men most of us could ever hope to know. KHOU will definitely lose viewers on this matter. So many of my friends who did follow KHOU have said so. Personally, the only time I ever listened was for a story Brad was doing. Otherwise my loyalty is with the station – Channel 13 - whose management is well respected and whose employees are treated with respect. There are many good people at Channel 11 - many who loved and respected Brad. But I doubt that deep in their hearts many of them can honestly respect a management who could do what KHOU management has done.

  8. Well said, Sherry, and seconded.

  9. I saw Mr Woodward on the news and he seemed very nice. But I can tell you absolutely that as a person who manages business this sounds like not all there is to the story. I wonder if some people know more than they are saying but are not free to talk about problems that caused Brad to lose his work.

  10. Dear Anonymous, He was let go because they could bring in someone new, younger and pay that person a lot less money. Brad isn't the only person whose been let go since Bruce came in - there have been MANY. There was no "dark" unknown side to Brad that Bruce was *protecting* - what you saw, was what you got - an honorable, caring, dedicated JOURNALIST. Who wouldn't be depressed being laid off with no warning??????? You are right there is more to this story and it isn't about any issue that Brad was struggling with before he was let go.

  11. I'm hearing that KHOU Director Phillip Bruce has caused quite an upheaval at the station. His first mistake was letting go an amazing journalist. What a ridiculous, disrespectful and insulting comment he made about Brad in his statement also. Like others, Brad Woodard was my only connection to KHOU and he was the best journalist there. I also thinking ageism in any company and forcing older employees out to bring in younger employees is shameful. Brad was a wonderful amanand journalist and I was honored to have known him.


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