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Monday, May 12, 2014

Kelly Rowland dated KTRK abc13 reporter Foti Kallergis?

KTRK abc13's Foti Kallergis reveals in live report his prom date was Destiny's Child's Kelly Rowland

Foti Kallergis
Foti Kallergis
After doing a story about Houston Texans cheerleader Caitlyn going to the Crosby High School prom as a lucky student's date, KTRK abc13 reporter Foti Kallergis upped the ante by revealing his prom date.

 While a Texans cheerleader would be any 18 year old's dream date, Kallergis topped that with his date...Kelly Rowland of Houston's own Destiny's Child.

Say my name, say my name!

As you can see above, Kallergis and Rowland went to the Elsik High School prom together in 1999.

Kallergis revealed his big prom get at the end of his live shot, then pitched to Twitter for viewers to see the photo. Hey, he didn't brand himself in Austin as "an experienced celebrity publicist and strategist" for nothing!

Naturally tweets starting flying with questions on how Kallergis pulled this one off. He explained the two grew up together and then dated for two years.

 So how did Kallergis deal with Rowland's rising star at that time of their romance?

"I was very supportive and understanding," Kallergis explained on Twitter. "We made it work."

While I don't know Kallergis personally, I bet he is a Soldier, a Survivor, who was Dangerously in Love with one of the Independent Woman, Part 1 of a Bootylicious Houston music super group.

UPDATE 5/13/14
Looks like Kallergis and Rowland can't have a rekindling of the old flame for now. Rowland just got married this past weekend.


  1. He'll be known as the dude, who dated Kelly Rowland hahaha.

  2. And Solange Knowles is in the news today to for an alleged fight with Beyonce's husband Jay-Z. TMZ has the video. Destiny's Child still making headlines.

  3. Solange still bitter Beyonce is more popular and wealthier. Lol

  4. In 1999 some of us were already reporters. :) Thanks for making the Houston media feel old, McG.

    1. If this makes you feel old, then you must really feel ancient when I post about all the new hires at Houston TV stations as of late. Kallergis is an old man compared to many of the newcomers. One of Kallergis' new colleagues was *interning* in 2009.


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