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Monday, January 27, 2014

Eddie Trunk of 'That Metal Show' coming to Houston

Eddie Trunk talks to about his Houston tour date and Kings X

Eddie Trunk Houston
Eddie Trunk coming to Houston
Hard rock and heavy metal music fans know Eddie Trunk from That Metal Show on VH1 Classic, Trunk Nation on SiriusXM, Eddie Trunk Rocks on FM radio and Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal volume 1 and 2, but did you know he is coming to Houston?

The man behind "Stump the Trunk" will be in Houston Saturday, February 8th, at the Concert Pub NORTH. This is part of a series of dates Trunk does around the country telling stories about his life in the rock music world.

Trunk talked to to give us more details. I was excited about this because I've been listening to Trunk on XM since 2007 or so.

Mike McGuff: How did you start doing club dates?
Eddie Trunk: I did a lot of Q&A and public speaking around my book tours. Never had an issue talking and people really loved the stories I told so it just grew from that. It's all very free form and off the cuff and loose. Sometimes I do them with Don (Jamieson) & Jim (Florentine) and also at times solo as Houston will be (Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson are Trunk's co-hosts on That Metal Show).

I hear a lot of Houston callers on your SiriusXM show, is that how you chose Houston as a performance date?
ET: I didn't choose Houston but I am thrilled to be coming there. I have an agent that books the dates and Concert Pub North expressed an interest, so that's how it came about. Just like any band that tours it really comes down to offers and interest and of course my schedule. But you are correct, I do hear a lot from Houston and Texas in general which is great.

In your new book Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock & Heavy Metal VOL 2, you write a chapter on Houston band Kings X. After all of the acclaim, why didn't the band reach a wider audience?
ET: They were never really a commercial band and didn't fit in much with what was going on at the time image and sound wise. For all the things that people love the band about and the things that earned them a loyal audience, it also prevented them in some ways from going truly mass appeal and having big hits. But people in the know truly love them.

For more info on the show at the Concert Pub North click here.

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The Concert Pub - NORTH
2470 FM 1960 RD W., Houston, TX 77068
(281) 583-8111

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