Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 Houston TV Winter Storm Awards

Sam Malone and the crew over at AM 1070 The Answer KNTH/Phonoscope have put together the 2014 Houston TV Winter Storm Awards based on yesterday's small ice/snow event (embedded above).


"I sit in my TV/Radio studio surrounded by flat screens while on the air," Malone told "The producers, cameramen, board ops and I were rolling on the floor laughing at some of these reporters. Then we decided to create an awards video. We have enough video to make it 30 minutes long!"

See if your favorite Houston TV broadcaster won.

Catch Sam and crew on AM 1070 The Answer KNTH and Phonoscope weekday mornings.

The internet wins Icepocalypse 2014


  1. "I sit in my TV/Radio studio surrounded by flat screens while on the air," Malone told

    That says it all right there. He sits his lazy butt in the office watching TV, and then criticizes the people who are out there working.

    1. You seem surprised. I remember when that goon was on 950 and did a piece about how unsafe retread tires were. Uh, his "research" was a complete 180 from what a bunch of states that researched the idea stated. You know whose research I am trusting and it's not his...

  2. I enjoyed this video.

  3. So....channels 11 and 13 didn't even do weather coverage? What BS....this video (and you) only make it look like fox and nbc were doing any coverage at all....
    Were they the only stations that could be made fun of?.....

  4. This explains why Sam Malone and Marie Todd have been fired or given the hint to leave everywhere they work. This is due to the fact that they think they are the best and people give a caca what they think and feel. that. SAM we know your marriage to that man is a fraud with the big donkey teeth so hush boy and give thanks you even have an AM GIG on that station that can't even be heard.

  5. KPRCs coverage was as overhyped, tabloid and unprofessional as one would expect from the worst station in town.


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