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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KPRC 2 fall TV schedule 2013

Dr. Phil returns to KPRC 2 and other 2013 fall schedule changes

The new Fall TV schedule is quickly approaching us, so I will be posting some of the television station changes from across Texas on the blog (if you want your station's schedule included email me here).

First up is Houston's NBC affiliate KPRC Local 2 where Dr. Phil returns after an absence of a few years.

· Dr. Oz moves to 12noon from 3pm beginning Monday, September 9th
· Dr. Phil returns to KPRC at 3pm beginning Monday, September 9th!
· Queen Latifah debuts on KPRC at 2pm beginning Monday, September 16th

Weekend morning news line-up has also been modified (effective 8/17)

· Local 2 News 6-7am
· Today Show – 7am
· Local 2 News (1 hour) follows the Today Show (start time varies due to various lengths of The Today Show)

· Local 2 News, 6-7am
· Today Show – 7-8am
· Local 2 News, 8-9am

Fall TX TV 2013


  1. And KPRC get a little bit dumber.

  2. I wonder if Dr. Quack will send another Tweet asking whether it's okay to have sex with a runk girl. Idiot.
    One more time segment were Ch 2 will come last in the ratings.

  3. Dr. Phil. Another reason not to watch KPRC.

  4. Well, at lease Channel 2 is NOT showing Ricki Lake no more! (Got cancelled! Only after 3 seasons!)


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