Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fox 26 KRIV 2013 fall TV schedule

Fall TV 2013 schedule changes for Fox 26 KRIV and KTXH 20 Houston

Fox 26 KRIV

M-F, 2p: TMZ Live replaces Anderson Cooper (Divorce Court moves up to 1pm)  (Monday, 9/9)
M-F, 3p: Bethenny replaces Judge Joe Brown (Monday, 9/9)
M-F, 6-7p: Modern Family M-F and weekend replace Big Bang Theory, which moves to KTXH (Monday, 9/23)
M-F, 1130p: Trisha Goddard replaces both episodes of King of the Hill (Monday, 9/23)
Sat, 2-3p: Whacked Out Sports and In Depth with Graham Bensinger replace Cops (Saturday, 9/7)
Sun, 330p: Storm Stories replaces Cops (Saturday, 10/5)


Thu, 730a: Biz Kid (E/I) replaces Swap TV (E/I) (Thursday, 9/5)
M-F, 8-10a: Bethenny and Law & Order SVU replace both episodes of Law & Order: CI (Monday, 9/9)
M-F, 1p: Trisha Goddard replaces Jeremy Kyle (Monday, 9/23)
M-F, 1a: Law & Order SVU (Secondary) replaces New Advs. of Old Christine/That 70’s Show (Monday, 9/23)
Sat, 10a: Teen Kids News replaces Mystery Hunters (Saturday, 9/14)
Sat, 11a-12p: Storm Stories replaces Newsradio (Saturday, 10/5)
Sat, 7-9p: Glee replaces Burn Notice which moves to KRIV (Saturday, 9/28)
Sat, 12a: Storm Stories replaces That 70’s Show weekend (Saturday, 9/28)

Fall TX TV 2013


  1. Where's your head? No more "Big Bang Theory"?

    1. So agree. My 87 yr old mnl loves BBT. Modern family is using old story lines converted for the "mod family". It is demeaning to the real mod families.

    2. I really miss Judge Joe Brown. Why do we need another silly girl (Bethenny) prancing around spouting nonsense?


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