Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fox 26 KRIV 2013 fall TV schedule

Fall TV 2013 schedule changes for Fox 26 KRIV and KTXH 20 Houston

Fox 26 KRIV

M-F, 2p: TMZ Live replaces Anderson Cooper (Divorce Court moves up to 1pm)  (Monday, 9/9)
M-F, 3p: Bethenny replaces Judge Joe Brown (Monday, 9/9)
M-F, 6-7p: Modern Family M-F and weekend replace Big Bang Theory, which moves to KTXH (Monday, 9/23)
M-F, 1130p: Trisha Goddard replaces both episodes of King of the Hill (Monday, 9/23)
Sat, 2-3p: Whacked Out Sports and In Depth with Graham Bensinger replace Cops (Saturday, 9/7)
Sun, 330p: Storm Stories replaces Cops (Saturday, 10/5)


Thu, 730a: Biz Kid (E/I) replaces Swap TV (E/I) (Thursday, 9/5)
M-F, 8-10a: Bethenny and Law & Order SVU replace both episodes of Law & Order: CI (Monday, 9/9)
M-F, 1p: Trisha Goddard replaces Jeremy Kyle (Monday, 9/23)
M-F, 1a: Law & Order SVU (Secondary) replaces New Advs. of Old Christine/That 70’s Show (Monday, 9/23)
Sat, 10a: Teen Kids News replaces Mystery Hunters (Saturday, 9/14)
Sat, 11a-12p: Storm Stories replaces Newsradio (Saturday, 10/5)
Sat, 7-9p: Glee replaces Burn Notice which moves to KRIV (Saturday, 9/28)
Sat, 12a: Storm Stories replaces That 70’s Show weekend (Saturday, 9/28)

Fall TX TV 2013

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