Monday, May 27, 2013

KTXH launches Movies! network on 20.2

KTXH launched the Movies! network this morning on 20.2. There has been a teaser graphic advertising the network's launch for days.

The network is a joint venture between Fox Television, who owns KTXH and Fox 26 KRIV, and Weigel Broadcasting broadcasting out of Chicago. According to Wikipedia, Weigel has an interest for now in This TV and Me-TV which also show old TV/movies on .2 channels around the country.

Movies! first broadcast was the 1975 western Take a Hard Ride.

In Texas, the channel airs on Fox-owned stations:

Austin, TX KTBC-TV 7.2
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX KDFI-TV 27.2

KTXH's .3 channel is MundoFox, Fox's Spanish language network.

This is a good sign since neither Houston Fox owned station, channel 20 or 26, have had sub-channels. At least KTXH now has some, so here's hoping for something on KRIV in the future.

- List of all Houston digital TV sub channels
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  1. Watching High Anxiety right now :-)

  2. Enjoyed "An Affair to Remember".

  3. Too bad their "Schedule" posted on their site is inaccurate. It's a shame that supposedly educated and intelligent people can't even get something as simple as a schedule correct.

  4. what about The Mission by Robert de Niro

  5. I don't know who came up with this stupid idea to create another movie channel that plays old as movies who nobody cares about. This is 2013so why can't someone create a channel that plays movies from the 80's till now. On air there is already 4 channels that play old movies and tv shows so i think they need to do away with this stupid 20.2 channel

    1. Well I think I must show my age as you did. These are the good movies and for those of us that can't afford cable at the moment(and because of this channel may not go back). It is all good.

    2. Start your own channel. Ez as pie. Besides the new stuff you want is garbage. Watch the oldies and learn some class and manners.

  6. This Jerome Colvin Guy, Either He Doesn't Get It Or He Works for A Competitor In the TV Network bizz. But It's All Good Though, We Get To Watch Movies And Jerome GetsTo Complain.

  7. so far i am enjoying this channel, plenty of HUMPHREY BOGART movies, john wayne, lots of classics. sometimes they showvthe repeats too much, but it is the commercials that are just too many. but i like the channel overall.

  8. Please add more Charlie Chan movies


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