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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TV news promos get sweetened sound

I've featured former Houston radio morning man Dave Crockett on this blog many times. He's got a national voice over career but is now taking on something else I thought the TV folks out there might take an interest in.

He will take TV news promos and improve the overall sound. Here is more:

We have focused our service on sweetening the sound of News promos. But in fact we also do a fair amount of audio sweetening for commercials. Research confirms the trend to upgrade both audio and video in the home system has given rise due in part to flatscreen TV’s. The latest generation of sets offer a true home theater experience. If the audio you broadcast isn’t isn’t up to todays standards you’r promos and commercials could be falling on deaf ears.

The NEWS PROMOS process gives the audio part of your promos and commercials more punch! Kind of like a movie trailer. And we can work our magic on everything you air. All you do is send us the edited video clip with your audio attached. We’ll add all the dramatic nuances the audio track needs. In under and hour you’ll have your finished audio track back and ready to import into your video editor. From there you just synch it up, render it out and send it off to air. The best part is you can work on other projects while we take care of the audio. Of course this leaves you time to accomplish even more!

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