Thursday, September 06, 2012

The KUBE 57 2012 fall line-up

The KUBE 57 is announcing its new fall line-up. Some of the changes on channel 57 include:

The Doctors
The Doctors is moving from KHOU 11 to KUBE 57 on September 10th. It will air at 3pm and repeat at 10am.

As a conflict-resolution expert, Trisha Goddard will help everyday people and their families navigate the tough issues they are struggling to overcome. Her show will cover topics important to women everywhere with a unique approach--straight talk with a no-excuses mentality. On each episode, Trisha uses honesty and common sense to teach people how to move forward and push through life’s obstacles. Trisha Goddard is a mother of two and is best known for being the ‘Queen of Chat’ in the U.K. as host of her long-running hit talk show, “Trisha Goddard.” The show will air at 5pm.

Everyone brings baggage into a relationship- but only on Baggage do they bring it all to the first date! Jerry Springer guides the fun as one dater chooses between three contestants revealing their most shocking habits, history, and quirks. The show will air weeknights at midnight.

See the full KUBE 57 programming schedule.


  1. I remember when they launched as a retro TV station. Now, with the exception of Sundays, they'renot airing any ofthat stuff. Stinks.

  2. Not much money to be made from that kind of line-up, sadly.

    Besides, they have the ME-TV feed on 57.4. I don't know if it's available on cable, but a halfway decent antenna will pick it nearly crystal clear. I live in the inner-Alief/Stafford area and have little problem picking up their OTA signal.

  3. Does anyone know what KUBE's ratings look like? My guess is they barely register.

  4. KTXA in DFW has almost the same lineup as KUBE and they bill just fine. And on ME-TV, that channel is on channel 311 on comcast. Not sure about the other cable providers though.

  5. KTXA has been around for decades. It was DFW's former UPN station. Much better known than the KUBE, a newcomer.

  6. Well everyone has to start somewhere.


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