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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

KPRC 2 steals Nick Giovanni, the WJXT 4 utility guy

Looks like KPRC 2 has a new reporter (maybe MMJ) in its roster.

WJXT 4 sports anchor, reporter and producer Nick Giovanni has left Post-Newsweek Jacksonville for the company's Houston NBC affiliate.

As you can tell by his three jobs, he's willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done (more on that in a minute).

 According to his bio, Giovanni got his start at WJXT when the Super Bowl was in Jacksonville back in 2005 (the year after Houston's Janet Jackson induced Nipplegate).

Giovanni wrote in his bio the station needed a security guard for the weekend and as a high school student, he jumped on the gig. While a student at the University of Florida, he came back for three summers to work as a camera operater for the station's morning show.

He then covered the Gators for two years at WUFT in Gainesville before returning to WJXT.

And to prove this guy will do whatever it takes, embedded above is video of Giovanni going down a water slide, in reporter garb no less, for a story.

KPRC 2 scores Kyle Montgomery for weekend sports


  1. So, KPRC_TV has TWO Jacksonville reporers! COOL! And by the way, when "Byrel" was coming ashore in Jacksonville, ALL of the local news stations had TWO affiates (FOX/ABC & NBC/CBS) Why is that? And why did Channel 4 WJXT drop the network affiation? I think NBC/ABC/CBS is missing out on a HUGE opptunity down there by NOT having WJXT as thier affiate!

  2. What's an 'affiate'?

  3. Jacksonville is where Blinky Bauer worked. She's married to management so of course there will be some people pulled from there. Like her personal cameraman and now this stiff.

  4. KPRC actually has three former Jacksonville reporters. Lauren Freeman, Jennifer Bauer and now Nick Giovanni. As for WJXT they dropped CBS due to the price that CBS was asking for to be affiliated with CBS was too high and Post-Newsweek didn't want to pay. So the station went independent.

    1. If that's the case, then KPRC has two former Jacksonville women employees who stink it up on air in Houston each day. Send them back - Bauer and Freeman are terrible. Don't thnk either is a natural blonde either.


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