Thursday, May 24, 2012

Texas TV May 2012 sweeps ratings roundup

May 2012 TV sweeps are over and now everyone can exhale. In February, you might remember how three Houston TV stations claimed a victory at 10pm. From what I understand, things aren't that close this time. This is the reason I don't even pretend to understand ratings. There are too many variable to be taken.

Apparently KTRK 13 did very well this time. Sorry, I don't subscribe to Nielsen so most likely you will be able to read an article in the Houston Chronicle that goes into more detail.

KIAH 39 tells me it has good news. On Adults 25-54, NewsFix weeknights at 5pm doubled in the ratings year to year and the station's 9pm edition grew 25%.

Earlier I posted Fox 26 KRIV number 1 newscasts May 2012 sweeps.

- KHOU 11 growing viewers in May 2012 sweeps
- Channel 13 leads local English-language stations in May sweeps, but Univision’s 45 is tops overall

Dallas-Fort Worth:
- Channel 11 has most 10 p.m. news viewers in May ‘sweeps’ period
- May "sweeps" local news finale: NBC5 breaks through with two wins while Fox4 wins three of four demo derbies and 10 p.m. results are split
- Fox 4 KDFW claims number 1 in DFW May 2012 sweeps

- KXAN-TV Continues Hot in May Ratings With Two Highest Rated News Programs; KEYE-TV Edges KVUE-TV at 10 P.M.
- Ratings show KXAN with Top 2 newscasts
- Something for Everyone and Something New

Didn't see anything else about San Antonio or other Texas markets so if you do, please send me a link.


  1. 39 continues to blow smoke up people's behinds. Their #s continue to be miniscule, and in the final book their demo # will round down to hash marks as usual.

  2. I really wish they would give you the raw humbers. Moving from a .4 to a .5 is a 25% increase but rounds to ZERO. More self preservation and bad decision justifying misinformation from the Grand Wizard GM who is more worried about his job than anyone else's and a Innovator in Chief who is bent on making a name for himself with something that was supposed to "sweep the nation" as THE way to go for local news. NOT.

  3. So despite all of the hoops Diva Dom made KPRC and it's staffer jump through, and despite her insustence and self importance of having to share her image repair wedding...all month, their ratings had no change? Go figure - Don is not as important as she thinks. Lead anchor my butt.

    1. You shouldn't drink and type.....but I will say she is as good lookin' as she thinks she is! Without-a-doubt!


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