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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Is Fox 26 KRIV getting a new newscast?

UPDATE (6/14/2012):
Fox 26 KRIV adds new weekend newscasts

Just when you thought Houston had a lot of newscasts...guess what...the TV market could be getting some more.

I hear a lot of rumors about Fox 26 KRIV getting not one, but two new weekend newscasts. That would be a morning and an early evening show. But before recent college graduates start sending tapes, it appears there will not be any new hires immediately if these rumors are in fact true.

While things like the possibility of a new newscast in the TV news world are often discussed, debated, cancelled, brought back, moved...look for a possible early July launch - if these news shows actually are for real.

A Fox Broadcasting spokesperson told me, "there is nothing to announce at this time."

Stay tuned.

What I can tell you with certainty is that Fox 26 will get a brand spanking new website. You can see what it will look like at KDFW 4's recently re-designed WorldNow site.


  1. Weekend 5p/6p shows will no doubt be the 9p crew. Weekend mornings? Hmmm ... would they let Andrea back on the desk? She's a pro.

  2. Don't know who they're going to get to shoot and edit for the a.m. show if there's not going to be overtime involved

  3. Don't underestimate Fox 26.

  4. Ned Hibberd at the anchor desk on weekends? He used to fill in and handled it well.

  5. And don't forget Tom Zizka. He's the bast anchor talent at the station.

  6. Bomke is awesome, jealous women quit hating.

    1. She's Mr. Ed with bleached and fit changing mane color.

  7. Isiah Carey would be an excellent addition to either the weekend anchor desk on the 5 and 9p or the morning show.


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